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White/Clear Champagne/Natural Pinks Purple Red Green Blue Yellow Brown Black Gold Silver
Gold Sand
Gold fine sand
Gold Sand
Gold granular sand 1-2 mm
Gold Nuggets
Gold Nuggets 4-7mm
Gold Glass granules Gold Glass Granules 1-2mm Gold sand, gravel, glass rocks, and pebbles.

glitter gold
Glitter Gold Glass Rocks 4-10mm
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Gold Diamonique beads 3mm
gold crushed shells
Gold Crushed Shells
gold deco flakes
Gold Deco Flakes

Gold pebbles
Gold Zen Pebbles
(14 - 20mm)
Silver Sand
Silver fine sand
silver Sand Silver Granular Sand 1-2 mm
Silver Gravel
Silver Gravel 2-4mm

Silver Silver Nuggets 4-7mm Silver sand, gravel. silver, glass granules, Diamonique beads and pebbles

Silver Glass granules Silver glass granules 1-2mm {short description of image}
Silver Diamonique beads 3mm
Silver pebbles
Silver Zen Pebble
(14 - 20mm)
silver doco flakes
Silver Deco Flakes


White/Clear Champange/Natural Pinks Purple RedGreen Blue Yellow Brown Black Gold Silver

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