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Size by grade size
Fine grade sands
Impression Sand
KM Sand
Glimmer Sand
Ideal for craft/art projects.

1-2 mm granules
Granular Sand
Glass Granules
Ideal in vases, layers well.

2-4mm fine gravels and beads
KM Gravel
Diamonique Beads
Floating Gravel
Great in vases and floral dispalys, adds texture.

4-6mm+ Nuggets, drops and crystals
Glass Rocks 4-12mm
Quartz Crystals 4-9mm
Nuggets 5-10mm
Crushed Shells 5-10mm
Acrylic Dew Drops 6mm
Glass Drops 6-10mm

larger pieces add a touch of luxuy. Best for adding the fishing touch to a dispaly or in the bottom of vases with water, also perfect for larger scale projects.

8-10mm+ Crystals and Rocks
Deco Crystals 8-12mm
Quartz Crystals 10-19mm
Deco Rocks 10-30mm
Large showy pieces, perfect for stunning table centre pieces and larger displays plus outdoor projects.

10mm+ Large Nuggets and Pebbles
Glass Nuggets 15mm
Pebbles 10-45mm
Special large sized pieces.

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