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Order Samples

If you need an exact colour or texture match please order a sample. To order email the list of products you would like samples of to orders@rista.co.uk and order from the options packs below based on the number of samples you are ordering.

1-3 samples
Pack of up to 3 samples £1.95

4-6 samples
Pack of up to 6 samples £2.95

7-9 samples
Pack of up to 9 samples £3.95

10-12 samples
Pack of up to 12 samples £4.95
Most Popular Ranges:
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Granular Sand
Gold sand
KM Collections Sand
  glimmer sand with glitter
Glimmer Sand
Champagne Gravel
KM Collections Gravel
Glass Granules Burgundy
Glass Granules
  Glass Granules Burgundy
Glass Rocks
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Acrylic Dew Drops
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Crushed Shells
Looking for pieces of a certain size? Shop by Size

Looking for certain colours? Shop by colour:
White/Clear Champagne/Natural Pink Purple Red Green Blue Yellow Brown Black Gold Silver

If you need any advice please email us at orders@rista.co.uk

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