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White/Clear Champagne/Natural Pinks Purple Red Green Blue Yellow Brown Black Gold Silver

White and Clear
Natural Sand
White fine sand
white Sand
White granular sand 1-2 mm
White Gravel
White Gravel 2-4mm
Dew Drops Clear
Clear dew drops 6mm
White sand, gravel and pebbles. especially popular for making wedding table decorations. Plus: Versatile clear glass granules, glass rocks, dew drops and diamonique beads sparkle in the light.

White floating gravel
Glass drops
Clear Glass Drops 6-10mm
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White pebbles
(20 - 40mm)


Champagne/Natural Colours
Natural Sand
Natural fine sand
Champagne sand Champagne fine sand
natural brilliant sand
Natural Brilliant Sand 1mm
Champange brilliant sand
Brilliant Sand 1mm
Champagne sand, gravel, and dew drops. Natural crushed shells and nuggets.
Champagne granular sand 1-2 mm
Champagne Gravel
Champagne Gravel 2-4mm
champange pearl gravel
Champagne Pearl effect gravel 2-4mm
Dew drop champagne
Champange dew drops 6mm

Champage Nuggets
Champagne Nuggets 4-7mm
Crushed Shells
Natural Crushed Shells

White/Clear Champange/Natural Pinks Purple Red Green Blue Yellow Brown Black Gold Silver

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